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2010 NWFL Champions!

Vikings Coach, Wes FischerThe Snohomish County Vikings minor-league football team is a member of the Pacific Football League, and a Washington State registered non-profit group helping bring aid to those of need in the greater Snohomish County Area. Our talents on the gridiron are provided voluntarily so that others may benefit from our success.

Since its inception, the Viking football team has provided financial support to various charitable causes. The Vikings have been cooperatively involved with Volunteers of America and local food banks. We provide affordable sports entertainment with a family atmosphere. 

Members of the Northwest Football League

Vikings LogoAdult Amatuer football has long been a tradition in the Pacific Northwest dating back to 1961. The PFL is a non-profit entity registered with the state of Oregon. The goal of the league is to give athletes the chance to showcase their talents and earn an opportunity to play at the next level-whether that is college or professionally. Athletes in the PFL are not compensated and therefore retain their college eligibility. Not only is the PFL a great arena for players to refine their skills for the next level, but also a means for football enthusiasts to continue to participate in full contact football after their high school, college or pro career has come to a close.

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